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Jim Hollander

Snow Thrower

These grips are often used on bulldozer, airplane, garbage truck controls, and skid-steer control handles if they are 1" diameter. Grips must be wired in "series" for 12vdc.  If you need to fit these to an older bulldozer that has only 6 volts available, then wire them in "parallel" for proper heat output.  Epoxy rated at 250 F. is required for installation but not included.   Epoxy is found under Accessories. You may use JB Weld  in the black/red/white packaging as sold at Home Depot and WalMart stores, because it is rated for 500 F.

If you want to see what the stock toggle switch looks like click on this link:  http://www.hotgrips.com/store.php?crn=204&rn=163&action=show_detail

Our epoxy is at http://www.hotgrips.com/store.php?crn=201&rn=168&action=show_detail

Although not shown in the photo, the kit comes with a 3-position toggle switch, a ceramic resistor to create "low" heat, and extra loose wire.  We do not supply connectors as we recommend soldering. Make sure that your model of snowthrower has sufficient electrical output to power heated grips, otherwise they will not get very warm.These heated grips must be wired in "series" which means one grip from each grip are wired together, one wire from a single grip is grounded, and the remaining 4th loose wire goes to your toggle switch output.  We have had dealers call us that do not understand this.  They check the stator output at 12v, with no load on it, and sure it appears that it can run them.  What they do  not understand is that when they put the load on the stator output (the heated grips is the load) then they are going to get a large voltage drop, so low that the grips will not heat much.  The OEMs do not put in a more powerful stator than is needed for their headlight.  Headlight wattage is typically only 15-18 watts.  Whereas our heated grips are 30-40 watts.  Call your snowthrower dealer and discuss it with the service department before you order.  More often than not, you will not have the electrical output available that is needed.

Overall outer length is 5-1/4".   Inside bore length is 4-7/8".  Meant for 1" handlebars.

Some snowthrowers have heated grips as options, such as certain MTD models. 

We once purchased a Yamaha snowthrower because they advertised that they 
had a 40w electrical output, and we learned that they had overstated the 
facts. The grips did not get very warm because their system did not truly put 
out enough electrical current.  The only way to check the output is to 
simulate a 3 amp load and check the voltage to see if it can keep it above 12.4vdc
If you see a voltage drop that is significant then the grips will not get hot.

To simulate our electrical  load of heated grips, use Radio Shack power
resistors as shown on the webpage:
http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062290   Buy two
packages of Radio Shack catalog or store #271-131  resistors.  Wire the 4 of
them in parallel so that the resistance is 2.5 ohms.

Wire them complete with a ground to your snowthrower electrical output and then raise up the engine
rpm to a normal operating speed.  Check voltage at the snowthrower's
electrical output lead while it is sending power thru the 4 resistors.  If
the voltage is above 12vdc, you have enough power.

Radio Shack locally might not stock them so phone them first.  They are
$2.99 for 2 resistors rated at 10 ohms/ 10 watts / 5% tolerance.


SNTR - kit
SNTR - kit
more detail...
Price: $89.95


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