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Jim Hollander

Model 475-875 - kit - for 7/8" Handlebars
Model 475-875 - kit - for 7/8" Handlebars

Our most popular motorcycle grip by nearly 3 to 1.  A Great Grip and a Perfect Fit for most Sport Bikes. At 4-3/4" long and sized for a 7/8" handlebar this grip fits most sport bikes. 

 Features our patented "burn-out proof" heating elements.

 Comfort-sized grip naturally reduces wrist and hand stress.

 Dual Heat - all our grips allow you to select high, low or no heat. Also available is an infinitely adjustable heat controller.

 Our unique internal Heat Isolation Ribs effectively limit heat transfer to the handlebars and put the heat where it is needed - the rider's hands.

Available with Open Ends so you can retain the end-weights used on most modern sport bikes.  To have us bore out your grip ends, when you select this kit there is a drop-down menu where you check the line for Open Ends.   You can also select that you want either Honda stepped spacers or flat generic spacers.  Read more for further explanation of spacers.  Spacers are used at the end of the handlebars WHEN you purchase a kit with open ends AND select a grip length that is longer than stock.  The purpose of the spacers is to eliminate any friction on the end of your throttle tube when refitting your handlebar end-weights.   If you have a Honda and need open ended grips you may need stepped spacers as described:  http://www.hotgrips.com/store.php?crn=201&rn=380&action=show_detail  If you have any brand other than Honda and require open ended grips go to:  http://www.hotgrips.com/store.php?crn=201&rn=382&action=show_detail

 Custom Options: All our grips come stock with a three position (high, low, off) weatherproof toggle switch. Optionally you can select a handlebar mounted switch, a mini toggle switch or a variable heat controller.

To look at Installation Instructions click here:http://hotgrips.com/pdfs/moto-inst.pdf

We recommend our epoxy because it is designed to take the high temperature without softening.

Technical Specifications

12.0 - 14.6 volts
Amps/Watts: approx 3.0 amps/ 30 watts @ 12vdc
Handlebar Diameter: 7/8"
Outside Diameter: 1.440"
Inside Diameter: Kit consists of a 2 grips with a 1" inner diameter for the throttle side and a 7/8" inner diameter x 1" outer diameter slit bushing for the clutch side . Both grips have an i.d. of 1.010" or 1.030"
External length: 4 3/4"
Internal length: 4.450"
Includes: Pair of grips, and a single reducer bushing/sleeve that has a 7/8" i.d. and a 1" o.d. for the clutch side, three-position toggle switch, extra wire, resistor for low heat and detailed instructions
Wiring Method: Parallel
Required Adhesive: Epoxy rated for 250 F. (not included)
Available Options:

Handlebar mounted switch housing, mini switch, variable heat controller.

If you want to see what the stock toggle switch looks like click on this link:  http://www.hotgrips.com/store.php?crn=204&rn=163&action=show_detail

To find more information about each available accessory for this product visit our the Accessory Summary page.

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Kits are in stock now and can ship immediately!


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