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Made in the USA
Made in the USA
Made in the USA
Made in the USA
  Handlebar end-weights


When you order heated grips for a bike with handlebar end-weights we can include a group of spacers that can be used if needed to provide the correct slip fit clearance on the throttle side, or allow you to use longer grips than stock. You may possibly have to obtain longer metric bolts from your motorcycle dealer when you go longer. You want at least 6 threads of the bolt to be engaged in the handlebar. (6 times 360 degree full revolutions).

Hot Grips® are self-supporting due to the rigid heating core structure, so they can be ordered longer than stock without concern. We offer flat generic spacers for all bikes except Honda, and stepped-spacers that fit Honda. To look at spacers, go to the menu links on the right and click on Accessories.

A 5-cent piece (a nickel coin) is just under 7/8" diameter..so drill a hole in the center and you've got a flat spacer, use as many as are needed.

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