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Made in the USA
Made in the USA
Made in the USA
Made in the USA

Cad/Cam and CNC machinery exists for in-house production of injection molds. From the graphics files to the G-Code instructions, the well equipped CNC machine shop enables production of injection mold tooling of virtually any grip profile and appearance, including in-house CNC logo engraving. Cad/Cam and Graphics programs include FeatureCam®, Esprit®-W for our wire-EDM machine, BobCad®CamV24, and BobCam®V2 Plug-In for SolidWorks®.

Click image to see control panel

Computer Aided Drafting allows lines, solid shapes, surfaces, or basic elements to be created and moved on a computer monitor. Photos illustrate how a 3-D torus - or donut shaped solid, is manipulated to create the profile of the grip. The small half-cylinder protrusion on the big-end center will become an entry "gate" for injected thermoplastic rubber to fill the cavity.

Computer Aided Machining allows the 3-D shapes to be converted to machining language called G-Codes. A G-code program to machine an injection mold cavity might be 40,000 lines of numerical code instructions. The CAD/CAM software can simulate the machine tool cutting path, and visually verify that the cutting "tool-path" is following the instructions.

Above, the light green is the "tool-path" created by the software. Spacing or "step-over" of the cutting end-mill can be tightened up for a smoother finish but takes longer to machine. The machining pattern, direction, and numerous techniques can be programmed during this process. All aspects of machining control and cutting tool variables are tested using the software, and the "verify" process as shown in the dark blue block below:

Below a "wire-frame" of the grip cavity can be zoomed-in to look for potential problems. Double-click your left mouse button on it. The "pin-shaped" indicators are an important element which sometimes are reversed in the solids-manipulation graphic stage, and must be corrected to all point "outward" from the block. The software allows you to zoom-in to study detail down to one ten-thousandth of an inch across, represented as .0001".

Below an overall "wire-frame" of the grip cavity shows the 4 block mounting holes with counter-bores for securing the block within a large mold base. The cut away corner allows fitting to other blocks in the mold base, necessary for securing the heating wires on a sub-assembly placed in the cavity.

Below the black half-grip 3-D profile, is about to be positioned on the dark blue block, and a "Boolean Subtraction" software command is used to "remove" the black half-grip profile from the block. The block with all it's engineered details is stored as a file, and can be "edit-copy-edit-paste" dropped onto the monitor screen with the grip profile, similar to text in an email or word processing software. Of the 27 models of grips we manufacture, the basic building blocks of each can be stored in the software and re-used as required if a new grip profile fits it.

The blocks can be altered in the software and saved with varying mounting hole features, and different lengths can be created by "Boolean Subtraction and Boolean Addition". Becoming competent at creating and manipulating geometric elements, surfaces, and solids can involve hundreds of hours of training.

Below we've lengthened the block by taking out a 1" section, "lengthening it" 500%, and inserting it in the existing block...resulting in change from 4.75" to 9.75" length. Of course we could change hole locations too.

Machine G-Codes along with M-Codes below instruct the milling machine where to cut, how to cut, speeds, feeds,in 3 axis simultaneously when to turn on flood coolant all in a very simple language that an experienced CNC operator and programmer can decipher. There can be tens of thousands of lines of code. It's not unusual to run "lights out" unattended as programs can run for days if complexity requires it.

CNC Vertical Machining Center
Below is the control for our 12 hp. Hurco VMX-24 with Ultimax-4 dual screen controller. Equipped with 15,000 rpm, chiller-cooled spindle bearings, and 24-place automatic CAT40 tool-changer that swaps cutters in 3 seconds. Chip Conveyor system, 9,260 pounds weight, and up to 1000 psi coolant thru-the-spindle to the cutter. Click on the image to see the CNC Vertical Machining Center.

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