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Made in the USA
Made in the USA
Made in the USA
Made in the USA
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In 1976 Jim Hollander started work on the first heated handgrips. It was his 5th and final year as member of the U.S. ISDT team for off-road motorcycles, and he was the top American Trophy Team rider at the Austria 6-Days, riding a 340cc Rokon automatic.

The weather was frigid. Jim knew that warming fingers on engine fins was not the best solution to frozen hands. So he started making heated grips to use in the off-road endurance races.

Jim went back to school at UMass seeking a Mechanical Engineering degree. He turned a homework assignment of demonstrating his mechanical drawing skills into an electrically heated hand grip design that would stand up to the rigors of the International Six-Days Trial. By 1980 he had developed a production heated grip.

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In 1980 National Enduro Champion Dick Burleson used Jim's prototype heated grips to win overall at the Stone Mountain National in Georgia. An unexpected cold and snow at the event prompted Burleson to use the prototype grips. When CYCLE NEWS MAGAZINE interviewed him following the race, he smiled and reported that he had a secret weapon that day. Click on the image above to see the 1980 news article. The heated grips got warmer as the engine revs built higher, so it gave him an incentive to go faster. Following the event, Hi-Point Racing Accessories Manager Larry Maiers told Jim he'd take 2000 sets if he could make them by the end of the year.

Although plagued by a cosmetic blem-rate of 65%, Jim delivered the 2000 sets and began his manufacturing business while still living in the graduate student dormitory. Fellow students on the floor were employed to help with sub-assembly of the heating elements, quality control inspections, and packaging.

In 1982, the Top American ISDT rider Jeff Fredette used his limited edition dirt bike model of Jim's heated grips throughout the demanding event held in Europe. HOT GRIPS® quickly becoming the snowmobile industry's largest selling accessory. The product line has expanded to include motorcycles, ATVs, and snow-throwers. People have also installed them on skid-steers, bulldozers, forklifts, and the control sticks of airplanes.

Today Jim Hollander is the owner and president of Hot Grips Mfg.,Inc.


After 31 years in production, the reputation of HOT GRIPS® is legendary. Here are some reasons:
  • Unsurpassed Quality Control: HOT GRIPS® have been 100% electrically tested for 30+ years, not sample group tested like others. They offer the ultimate in reliability that all manufacturers aspire to. Yamaha Motor of Japan recognized Hot Grips Mfg., Inc. as the only OEM supplier to meet a "Zero Defects" score in a 10 year span of time, a feat not even their top local Japan suppliers could match.
  • Attention to Detail: No heated grip manufacturer pays so much attention to detail. To ensure the maximum lead wire strength, an internal strain relief exists inside the grip to exceed the ultimate mechanical tensile strength of the lead wire, i.e. the brass crimps inside the grip are not subject to any stress.
  • Reduced Heat Loss built-in: Molded-in heat isolation ribs (photo)on the handlebar side are engineered to reduce heat losses (heat-sink effect)to your handlebars. We pay attention to details, such as locating the heating wires close to the outer grip surface, resulting in the most efficient heated grips available.
Interior View of our Grips
  • Often imitated, never duplicated: Some manufacturers try to copy HOT GRIPS®, but the product line has 3 decades on the competition. HOT GRIPS® products are the only heated grips granted 5 American and Canadian utility patents.
  • Standard Equipment: Every major motorcycle manufacturer provides or offers heated grips on production bikes. For years they have been standard equipment on all snowmobiles. And they are a must-have option on motorcycles and ATVs.
HOT GRIPS® offers 27 different models, with new styles soon to be introduced often. In 2011, Jim invested in Cad/Cam and CNC machinery to enable in-house production of injection molds. Working with graphics file creation, computation of G-Code instructions for the Vertical Machining Centers (VMC), CNC lathe, and Wire-EDM: the well-equipped CNC machine shop enables production of injection mold tooling of virtually any grip profile and appearance, including in-house CNC engraving. CAD/CAM and Graphics programs include top-rated FeatureCam® 3-D Mill, Esprit® -W, BobCadCamV24, and BobCamV2 plug-In for SolidWorks® . Check the new CAD/CAM link on the menu to the right.

Hot Grips® Mfg.
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Plainfield, NH 03781

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